Global beauty rituals are different. So are we.

When it comes to beauty and personal care products, packaging is key to brand perception. We can help your brand deliver the superior performance and sophisticated aesthetics that appeal to beauty consumers worldwide.

Rooted in retail and consumer insights, our solutions are also backed by a global platform that empowers your brand to make stronger connections, faster.


Beauty Packaging Solutions

Good packaging is always in style.

In an industry where sophistication and style matter, WestRock's market focus and insight into emerging technologies produces next-generation packaging to boost your sales.

Choose from a wide variety of on-shelf marketing applications to create numerous branding effects, from upscale and prestigious to simple and elegant. Whether your goal is a product launch, a special promotion or simply better packaging, your brand is sure to be a winner.

  • Unique graphic design and structural features

  • Broad range of printing and finishing enhancements

  • Precise color management controls

  • Specialty inks and coatings


Beautiful things aren't just seen, they're experienced.

We offer a wide variety of distinct paperboards that serve the unique needs of beauty and personal care markets. Our best-in-class folding carton paperboard solutions include solid bleached sulfate (SBS) and coated and uncoated unbleached kraft (CUK/UUK), producing high-quality packaging that builds an even stronger connection with consumers.


A woman standing in a retail aisle looking at beauty makeup.

Show and sell.

Nine out of 10 times, the path to purchase ends inside a brick-and-mortar store, so make sure your products and brand stand out where it matters most.

From attention-grabbing design to seamless manufacturing and fulfillment, we help you achieve your brand objectives and get consumers to stop and take notice.